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Imagescroller_XH facilitates displaying a scrolling slideshow of images (optionally with links and with a description). It has no back-end functionality to manage the galleries. Instead the images have to be uploaded via FTP or the CMSimple file manager. Additional information for the links and the description has to be entered manually in a special text file.

The plugin requires requires CMSimple_XH ≥ 1.6.3, Pfw_XH ≥ 0.2.0 and PHP ≥ 5.4.0 with the JSON extension. It is released under GPLv3.

Imagescroller_XH couldn't be tested so far in various environments. It is a so called BETA version. Use with caution!

There is an online demo available. The latest changes are listed in the changelog. For further details you can read the manual online.