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Pdeditor_XH facilitates viewing and editing the page data in CMSimple_XH's administration. It also provides some diagnostics regarding potential desynchronisation of content and pagedata (what is supposed to never happen in CMSimple_XH ≥ 1.6). It is meant as an alternative to editing pagedata.php (resp. since CMSimple_XH 1.6 the pagedata sections in content.htm) manually, so it should be used by experienced users only, who know exactly, what they are doing. It's not a tool for unexperienced users! These should manipulate the pagedata via the interface provided by the respective plugins only (often a tab above the editor)

It requires an UTF-8 encoded CMSimple_XH installation and PHP 5.1.2. It is released under GPLv3.


The changes are listed in the changelog. For further details you can read the manual online.

If you have already installed at least version 1rc2, you can download and install the patch. This won't overwrite any config, language or css files.