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Realblog_XH facilitates presenting a blog on your CMSimple_XH website. It offers the basic blogging features, such as an displaying a chronological overview of the posts, an optional monthly archive, automatic scheduled publishing and archiving of posts, searching contents, an RSS feed and very simplistic categorization. Separately written teasers are supported. Teasers and articles may contain arbitrary CMSimple_XH scripting. Each blog post can be made commentable individually, what requires a compatible comments plugin.

For multilingual websites, each language will have its own blog; besides that, Realblog_XH doesn't have any multilingual capabilities.

The plugin requires CMSimple_XH ≥ 1.6.3 and PHP ≥ 5.3.0. It is released under GPLv3.

Realblog_XH couldn't be tested so far in various environments. It is a so called beta version. Use with caution!

The changes are listed in the changelog. For further details you can read the manual online.

Due to fixing issue #71, the supposed names of the comment topics have changed. If you're using Twocents_XH as comment plugin you have to manually rename the comments files from comment*.csv to realblog*.csv (for instance, comments123.csv should become realblog123.csv); otherwise the comments wouldn't be properly recognized anymore.

If you have already installed at least version 3.0beta8, you can download and install the following patch; it won't overwrite any config, language or css files.