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Socialshareprivacy_XH facilitates to have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, XING and/or LinkedIn buttons on your website without violating your visitor's privacy. Before any data are transmitted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, XING resp. LinkedIn, the visitor has to agree explicitely. This plugin is only a wrapper around the jQuery plugin socialshareprivacy-xl by Illusions-Schmiede. Socialshareprivacy_XH doesn't provide any additional features, but is merely meant as a simple way to use and configure the jQuery plugin without the need to mess around in JavaScript files.

For better user experience it is recommended to use Shariff_XH instead of this plugin.

It requires CMSimple_XH ≥ 1.5.4 and PHP ≥ 5.2.0

The latest changes are listed in the changelog. For further details you can read the manual online. You can see it in action (and use it ;-) in the header of this site.

If you have already installed at least version 1rc3, you can download and install the patch. This won't overwrite any config, language or css files.