YANP is the acronym for yet another news plugin. It facilitates semi-automatic handling of news of a CMSimple_XH website, that could be shown as newsbox and made available as RSS feed. Consider it an alternative to creating and maintaining newsboxes manually or using a fully automated solution, such as WhatsNew or RSS Feed. If you have further demands, consider using an advanced solution, such as News or Realblog_XH.

It requires a UTF-8 encoded CMSimple_XH installation. It is released under GPLv3.

The changes are listed in the changelog. For further details you can read the manual online. A "demo" is available on this site: the newsbox on the right is managed with Yanp_XH, as is the RSS feed.

If you have already installed at least version 1, you can download and install the patch. As this won't overwrite any config, language, or css files, you have to fix the faulty language files yourself: remove all < and > characters from "cf feed copyright", "cf feed description", "cf feed title" and "cf feed link title". Additionally you have to add the following line to plugins/yanp/config/config.php (this is done automatically by CMSimple_XH versions ≥ 1.5):